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Kisses Down Low

Forehead kisses are nice...

But some ladies like their kisses down low.

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Crazy House
A Harbor Hill Novel

All was well until a flood forced three friends to seek refuge.


When Kamren’s boyfriend opens his home up to her, her younger sister, Delilah, and their friend, Nikita, they all thought it was supposed to be for one night. Little did they know, one night would turn into a month of craziness filled with secrets, snooping, and… soul searching?

Emotionally Speaking: Expressions of Love and Pain Through Poetry

Emotionally Speaking is a collection of poetry, created through pure sensation. The love, the pain, the desire, and the exhale of feelings described in each piece was presented from the core of the author. They were carved from the heart to make you feel what was being felt as they were written.


Kia's One of a Kind Designs

Let's Make Your Ideas Come Alive...

Kia's One of a Kind Designs started out as Kia Barlow's way of exercising her computer skills to set her personal graduation invitations apart from her fellow classmates. Two graduation invitations and a family calendar later, she decided to make her skills available to assist others create their own custom creations.

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