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April Reading

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Y'all!!!!! So, listen!!!! I was a busy little beaver for April... So, I don't know HOW I was able to assassinate the amount of books I read in 30 days. It was as if I inhaled them. lol But I will say, most of them were from series and a few of them were short stories. With the 11 books for this month, I added 4 new authors to my catalog: AshleyNicole, Chencia C. Higgins, Tay Mo'Nae, and Tereesa L. Tuff.

Ashley Nicole is an author whose samples have been sitting on my Kindle app for awhile and I've been trying to dig through some of the other books that have piled up around it. But, all of a sudden, I had an urge to just jump into a specific book by her and its sequel. And I must say, I was not disappointed about the first one. It was literally the last book I read in the month, even though I was already knee deep into another book... which I still haven't finished yet. But it was good though.

Now, the Chencia series I read was sort of recommended by one of the tribes I'm now associated with on social media. Everyone kept talking about how GREAT they were and how the audiobook for the first book made it even sexier, which was narrated by a newfound fav of mine (Emmanuel Ingram). It REALLY was on everyone's tongue. I'm fairly new to this group of people, so I was kind of late to the party on this greatness. When I heard there would be a book discussion with the author AND narrator, I had to go become well versed in the two quick reads so I could be ready to discuss. I enjoyed both of the FTL (Friends to Lovers) storylines about 2 different couples within the same friend group. Although, I was more into the first couple than the second. Both were GREAT but it's just something about how this whole thing started that I loved.

Tay Mo'nae's first book that I read was discovered because another author I follow on social media shared a post by her that she was offering the book for free for a limited amount of time. And I LOVE free books. So, I scooped it up and shared it with a couple of my friends who I know love to read just as much as me. Since I was already tackling 3 other books at one time, I put it on hold to read later. However, when one of my friends I shared the link with said how much she enjoyed it, I went ahead and added it to my "Currently Reading" list on It took me a couple weeks to get through it since I've been working so hard... and got distracted by other things. But it was a very sweet (Operative word of the description. lol) short read.

Last, but certainly not least... BABY!!!!!!! Tereesa L. Tuff put her entire foot into the duet series I finished by her. As a matter of fact, as I stated in my review of the sequel, the #SampleSunday samples she posted for the sequel is what caught my attention. I'd never heard of this author and someone had shared her post about the sample for that day and I became intrigued. I went to her website and read the other samples she had up for both stories and I was like, "Let me hop onto this first book before the next one comes out and I'm looking lost." So, I bought the first book and devoured it like my favorite southern meal from mama's kitchen. I fell in love with these characters off rip. I was actually watching her website, social media, and waiting on that sequel to drop so I could continue my reverie of the two main characters. I cannot WAIT to see more work by this author. And I can only hold out hope that these characters find their way into other books she writes in the future.

The other books I read for April were all by the same author: Christina C. Jones. I stated in multiple posts about my 2 of my top 3 authors were on the verge of being replaced. Danielle Allen had already stole the shine for one of them. Mrs. Jones has EASILY taken the other now. Between the ebooks, physical books, and the merch I've bought from her, she has consistently taken my coins out my lil pocketbook. And I am NOT mad or embarrassed about it. As far as the content in the multiple bodies of work.... All I can say is BLUE. #IYKYK

Anyway, I think I've "talked" enough for this to be a reading list post. So, here's the list of books I consumed in the last 30 days. Hope you purchase and enjoy them with the same enthusiasm as I did while reading and discussing them.

April Reading List

*Links provided within the images for books.

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