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April Reading List 2022

Updated: Apr 15

April was a plethora of things for me but this reading list!!!!!! Whoo Chile! First thing, top of the month, I beta read for one of my favs, Robbi Renee, for her latest book, A Beautiful Surprise. It was my first time being a beta and it was very filling to look at my suggestions being added into the finished product. Then, I participated with the Black AF Read-A-Thon hosted by Black Romance Connoisseur. I enjoyed that read-a-thon and will definitely have to do that more.

The Black AF Read-A-Thon was only a portion of the books I read this month. Below is the full gamut of authors and literature I consumed for the month of April.


  1. Robbi Renee

  2. D. Rose

  3. Honesty Price

  4. Brookelyn Mosley

  5. Che Moon

  6. J. Chary

  7. Kema B.

  8. Ashantay Keys

  9. K. Lashaun

  10. Tia Love

  11. Asia Monique

  12. Tay Mo'Nae


  1. Wesleigh Siobhan

NTM Authors

Welcome to Club Eros

The Bucket List Series


The Davenport Dynasty Book 1

Beta Read

Seven Deadly Sins Series

Mafia Misfits Series Book 1

***All images have attached links if you desire to purchase the books for your own consumption.***

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