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April Reading List 2022

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

April was a plethora of things for me but this reading list!!!!!! Whoo Chile! First thing, top of the month, I beta read for one of my favs, Robbi Renee, for her latest book, A Beautiful Surprise. It was my first time being a beta and it was very filling to look at my suggestions being added into the finished product. Then, I participated with the Black AF Read-A-Thon hosted by Black Romance Connoisseur. I enjoyed that read-a-thon and will definitely have to do that more.

The Black AF Read-A-Thon was only a portion of the books I read this month. Below is the full gamut of authors and literature I consumed for the month of April.



NTM Authors

Welcome to Club Eros

The Bucket List Series


The Davenport Dynasty Book 1

Beta Read

Seven Deadly Sins Series

Mafia Misfits Series Book 1

***All images have attached links if you desire to purchase the books for your own consumption.***

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