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ARC Review: Beneath the Silence by K. Lashaun

I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to consider this an ARC since the author wasn't able to send the copies out in the timeframe she usually likes to send them. But here we are. If you've followed my ARC reading journey, you'll know that this author was the first person I've ever ARC read for and over the last almost year, I have typically done them with aesthetic videos. This time, I'm taking a different approach and highlighting what I feel is a prolific quote that helps sum up the book.

Beneath the Silence is book 3 in the "The Things Unseen" series. And yes, I've read books 1 & 2. In fact, I've read the author's entire catalog. But this has to be one of my absolute favorite. For one, the hero, Hakeem Biggers, was introduced in book 1 and I loved his quiet and mysterious persona off rip. So when I found out he was getting his own book, I HAD to get it. BTS did NOT disappoint. Well... Aside from it ending in a cliffhanger. But the author does forewarn you before starting the book. I still wasn't prepared for it to end where it did and I'm anxiously awaiting book 4.

The book chronicles the introduction between Eden Foster and Hakeem Biggers. Both main characters had some heavy things going in their lives prior to the beginning of the book. Things that I don't know if I would have ever been strong enough to handle. And I've been through some death-defying shit. But these two were built Ford Tough Strong and I was in awe at their strength forreal.

Eden! That is my girl! Baby endures some shit I probably would have killed or been killed behind. In my opinion, sis needs to trade her whole family in for a new one because all of her family members are trash AF. Mama, daddy, brother and sister can all go to hell doused in gasoline. Her ex can lead the pack too. There was no way in hell I could actively do the things Eden did for her family. But those boys... her nephews! Heart eyes to the max. Once again, the babies steal the show. Baby Jayce was the cutest little thing. It sucks that both his mama and daddy need to choke on a log. But auntie got that baby's back WHEN (hint, hint K. Lashaun) it happens. lol

The power struggle between Eden and Hakeem was hilarious to me. Because both of them know they have some shit with them, trying to see who would break first was entertaining as hell. To be vulnerable is a hard thing to do when you've had to be hard as steel for so long. So, them opening up to each other, even a little bit, was beautiful to see.

The quote I chose to represent this book speaks volumes for me. For Hakeem to let Eden in the way he did, it was so heartwarming, even when I knew the secrets she held would break him. He didn't play about her and those boys, which says a lot. Introducing her to his chosen family, being soft with her, and going out of his way for her was everything to me.

K. Lashaun is no stranger to series, but I want to say this is the first time she's left me with a cliffhanger that had me feenin' for some more. Not going to lie, I think that was the only thing I didn't like about this book. Since I was informed prior to diving in, I can't be upset about any of the unresolved parts of the book. I have faith that all of those things will be answered and resolved by THE END of book 4. I want to thank the author for the advanced copy of this release and I look for to much more in the future.

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