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ARC Review: Only for Tonight by Kimmie Ferrell

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Only single women, those who don't respect their relationships, and hoes visit Las Vegas...

That was how Only for Tonight opened up and my face formed into the gif of Tami Roman saying "Oh". I was curious as hell to see who and where that declaration came from because who in the hell...!

It didn't take long for me to get the answer to my nonverbally spoken question. And Amara's EX-boyfriend was lucky her homegirls were not privy of all of the bullshit he said and did. Well, until... But I'm skipping too far ahead. Let's rewind to where the good times rolled because Amara and Xander gave me all the spice I needed. It was also a nice switch up from all of the Christmas books I have been devouring like it's going out of style.

Things to know about our hero and heroine of the book: This is an Age Gap Trope (older woman/younger man; 7-year gap), the heroine is a boutique owner and launching her own clothing line from DC, and our hero is a football player in Las Vegas.

OFT opens with Amara at a bar alone while her best friends are elsewhere, enjoying the festivities of the bachelorette weekend they were in Vegas for. When she tells the girls, via text, of the slut-shaming words that were spewed, they were ready for the retaliation and for her to find something tall, dark, and hard to give her amnesia of the "reformed fuck boy". And unlike some books where the heroine is hesitant to do that, Amara was all for it.

When Xander invades Mari's space at the bar, her mind was singular: Sleep with a stranger and collect a souvenir. What she got instead, was a night with a man that was willing to make her leave her man for him. Little did he know, he no longer had someone to compete with. However, that wasn't revealed until after he spent his entire birthday celebration catering to Amara.

Our couple were practically attached at the hip at the bar. And when both had, had enough of teasing each other in the public eye, Xander politely escorted Amara to his suite. From the elevator to the marble table to the shower to the bed to the couch, they showed each other just how much their stamina matched. When it was all said and done, Mari thought that was a great one night stand that should relive in her mind over and over again. The problem was, Xander never said what they were doing was a temporary fix for him. Queue the Tami Roman gif again, but for completely different reasons. lol

If I had to choose a favorite scene in this book as the most memorable, it would have to be when Amara's ex kept calling her after the deed had already been done. I loved and hated that part of the book, because I love revenge when the other person did you dirty like her ex did. I personally would have taken it a step further and let the jerk listen in on how well Xander knew how to please her since he didn't want to believe the words that were coming out of their mouths. But I guess everybody isn't as petty as I can be.

There were some parts of the book I was confused about, like the explanation of transitioning from the day party to meeting up at the birthday party. They seemed to be added in a rush after the fact. Context clues helped me get to where I needed to be though. Aside from some moments seemingly sped up, I was engrossed in the banter between the two main characters. You could tell they fit in every category and not just sexually. The author stated this box was outside of her comfort zone, but I could not tell. That is a show of truly good writing skills. This was my first read from Kimmie Ferrell, so I have nothing else to compare it with in her catalog. But with this being my introduction, I ready to dive in and see what else she has to offer. I do want to thank Kimmie for allowing me to read an advanced copy of the book for an honest review.

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