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August Reading List 2023

Is it me or did this month come to a close real quick. I feel like I was just doing my July WrapUp... Oh wait, I did just do my July WrapUp. Because it was late. Oops, my bad. But I'm right on time for August. [Insert wide smile here. lol]

Anywho, I was a little busy this month and I didn't read nearly as much as I normally do. I at least was able to read 8 books though. That included 1 reread (well listen, in this case), 3 NTM authors, and 1 read solely to get my Kindle Challenge achievement. And with my fave that I started the month off with, let me just say, sis had me up in arms in both books I read by her. But I gotta finish both of those series along with the other 2 series I started by a newfound fave. So look forward to finding those popping up on future reading lists, because they're coming. And without further ado, here is my list for August.



  1. Shawn Moore


*New to Me

***All images have attached links if you desire to purchase the books for your own consumption.***

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