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August Reading List 2023

Is it me or did this month come to a close real quick. I feel like I was just doing my July WrapUp... Oh wait, I did just do my July WrapUp. Because it was late. Oops, my bad. But I'm right on time for August. [Insert wide smile here. lol]

Anywho, I was a little busy this month and I didn't read nearly as much as I normally do. I at least was able to read 8 books though. That included 1 reread (well listen, in this case), 3 NTM authors, and 1 read solely to get my Kindle Challenge achievement. And with my fave that I started the month off with, let me just say, sis had me up in arms in both books I read by her. But I gotta finish both of those series along with the other 2 series I started by a newfound fave. So look forward to finding those popping up on future reading lists, because they're coming. And without further ado, here is my list for August.



  1. J. Shani Michaels

  2. Shawn Moore


*New to Me

***All images have attached links if you desire to purchase the books for your own consumption.***

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