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Bloganuary 12: What Chore Do You Find the Most Challenging to Do?

You want to know what chore is most challenging to me? Just one? Hahahahaha! Allum! I used to be OCD with the cleaning growing up. However, somewhere along the line, the chores became an announce. That irritation grew with age. What was once fun and relaxing has become a disdain and a necessary nuisance for me. I've noticed that most things that I enjoy turn into mental hardships for me when they are no longer optional but have become requirements. Cooking, cleaning, WORKING!

Seriously though, chores that requirement to be outside or stand for long periods of time are the most challenging for me. Not because of the reason listed above. Health-wise, my body will not allow for me to do those things anymore. On one hand, I'm grateful that I don't have to do them myself anymore. But on the other hand, that means I have to spend money to pay someone else to do the things I can no longer do. One day, I'll be blessed with the assistance I need without having to pay for it, i.e. a husband. Lettuce pray! lol

What chore(s) do you find most challenging to do?

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