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Bloganuary 13: If You Had a Billion US Dollars, How Would You Spend It?

A billion dollars is 10 figures, right? So let me give my top ten why do I...

10. I'd give my 10% right away so I can't say I forgot. You know how some of us get when we start getting those extra coins and all of a sudden, we get beside ourselves.

9. I'm paying off all my debts. The student loans, the car, the house, the credit cards, doctor bills. All of that, eliminated!

8. I'll put a couple mill in savings, just in case.

7. Have my dream home built from the ground up with lots of yard space for Tank to run around and have fun. Oh, and I think it goes without saying that it's gonna be fully furnished like an HGTV episode.

6. Buy my mom that RV she's said she wanted for so long.

5. Get entire catalogs on paperback from my favorite authors. (Because that fully furnished house is damn sure gonna have a library with built in shelves.)

4. Travel! Like, DUH! I'm checking off all the places on my travel bucket list.

3. Put my books on audio independently as I release them. That shit ain't cheap.

2. Full disclosure? I've actually thought about motherhood several times. But since there's no male counterpart to do that with, I also had been thinking about IVF. That shit ain't cheap either. But neither is raising the kids, right?

1. And last but certainly not least: I would sit on my ass and write all day, everyday and let the money pay my bills while I make another stream of income.

What would you do if you had a billion dollars?

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