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Bloganuary 14: What is Your Preferred Mode of Travel?

I am a traveler. One of my bucket list goals is to visit every state in North America and all habitable continents. I'd like to say all 7 continents but I am NOT a fan of freezing cold weather. So, Antarctica is probably a no-go. Unless... you know... global warming keeps doing what it's doing. However, that isn't what the question asks. lol

As a lover of travel, I think I have traveled in almost, if not every mode of transportation: Car (obvious), bus, plane, boat, train. I've been to other countries and continents and the experiences were AMAZING! But if I had to choose which one was the best option for me, I'd say plane, simply because it got me to where I was trying to go the fastest.

My runner up would be a cruise boat. Although it is one of the slowest destination carriers, there are several things to do while you travel, unlike sitting in a car for hours. I can sleep, EAT, dance, gamble, watch a show, or karaoke all on the way to get to more fun.

What is your favorite way to travel?

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