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Bloganuary 15: What Fear Have You Conquered?

The first fear that pops up in my mind when I really think about the question, is my books. I have been writing since I was in middle school and as I got older and started sharing my work with my friends and family, I had been told several times that I should publish a book. The first thing I used to say every time someone said that was, hell no. I know with publishing a book, you have to put yourself out there. Not only vulnerably with your content. But with being in front of people as well. I have NEVER liked being in front of a crowd. However, publishing my first book caused me to break that fear. Since 2015, I have done multiple book events that caused me to "sale" myself basically. I've learned what I do and don't like as a tool in this journey. Now, I still get nervous being in front of crowds or being the center of attention. However, now I don't let the fear cripple me to the point that I can't "perform".

What is one fear that you've conquered?

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