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Bloganuary 2: How Are You Brave?

Updated: Jan 4

Bravery is possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance; to defy, challenge, or dare according to

I had to think for a second to ask myself this question. I mean, do the questioners believe that EVERYONE can be brave? Do I believe that I am or have ever been brave? Once my internal quiz was complete, I had to say that I have been, at least once or twice in my life. Actually, more than that. I am "shy" and am an extroverted introvert. I don't like being the center of attention. However, I have been on a stage or in front of a congregation for several different occasions in my life. I'm a poet (I've read poems in front of audiences), I sing in my church choir (even led songs and had solos), and I am a published author that has done a handful of vendor events where it was my job to sell my books on my own. Those were all daunting tasks for me but I took those challenges head-on and did what needed to be done.

Another aspect of my life that let me know of my bravery were the times my health has failed me. I've only been hospitalized twice in my life and both times were deathly situations; the first instance was something most people considered me too young to have experienced. However, I didn't let either of those death-causing health scares to lead me into a dark place. I stayed with a positive attitude and did not allow them to keep me from achieving whatever goals I had set going on at the time. Not everyone has the foresight to look past their current situation and see the positive light and because I was able to do that, I would cause that brave.

Am I still brave now that I have survived all of those aforementioned activities? Why yes, I am. Every day that I wake up and reach for the goals that I have to push imposter syndrome to the side to achieve, I would call myself brave.

So, how are YOU brave?

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