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Bloganuary 4: What is a Treasure That’s Been Lost?

Updated: Jan 5

Two precious treasures that has become lost in this day and age is discretion and loyalty in relationships. The funny yet sad thing about this is, it didn't take me long to figure out what I could choose. Anyone who has listened to my podcast knows how much I loathe cheaters, even in the books. So, imagine how disheartening it is to constantly see and hear about it all over social media. People who openly cheat and think it's cute or funny. And I've even gotten lost in a wormhole where the wife wanted to call out her husband's ex for being delusional when in all honesty, he had already left the wife for that woman because she had been in a long relationship with someone else. And if that wasn't bad enough, timelines weren't lining up for either side's story and all three of the parties are slandering each other all over social media, ending with the husband and girlfriend trying to credit God for their relationship.

  1. All three of them are sinning, since they want to bring God into it.

  2. God is NOT going to give you someone else's husband/wife, whether their spouse has done or is doing them dirty. Let that mess get cleaned up before adding more wood to the fire.

  3. We, on social media, for damn sure shouldn't know this whole story because you openly put it out there for the masses to see it.

I love a good storyline with a well thought out, juicy plot as much as the next reader/movie lover. However, when it comes to real-life, that shit ain't cute or funny. Like the one someone shared in a group I'm in about a husband catching his wife right before she could cheat and her excusing everything he's questioning her about. They had children together and he was threatening to take the kids away from her for breaking up their family dynamic. This should NEVER be something to give people as entertainment because it could very well trigger someone who's been involved in a situation similar. Especially when children are involved. As much as people think they are shielding them from their bullshit, those kids can see it, hear it, and internalize it from a mile away. And when it's put on social media, that is never going to go away. Furthermore, if you can't seem be loyal to the person you CHOSE to connect to as a significant other, let that person go before stepping out. Stop being selfish or causing harm to that person, whether physical, mental, or emotional from when they discover your disloyalty.

Okay, I'm going to get off my soapbox now. But what do YOU think is a lost treasure out there?

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