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Bloganuary 5: What Brings You Joy in Life?

You wanna know what brings me joy?

Hands down, books and music. Reading and writing have been a part of my being since I was a child and music, even longer. I wouldn't be surprised if there were specific songs my mother played while pregnant with me that make me feel a way.

I have been actively writing on SOMETHING since I was in middle school. Back then, it was my stress reliever and my way of coping with self-loathing and feeling ostracized, even in my own family and friend-groups. I fell in love with reading much earlier. Like, before I could even read. Like most authors I know, my love for writing stemmed from the love of reading. I also felt inspired by my aunt.

Music can calm or cause an array of emotions and my emotional ass loves it all. I am more gravitated to R&B and Gospel music, but I listen to just about every genre. Music is a universal love language. And I think that it is beautiful that people from across the globe with varying backgrounds and life stories can resonate with the same song.

What makes both of the joys of my life so special is that I can combine them to promote my talent as a writer.

So, what is something that brings joy to your life?

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