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Bloganuary 7: Write a Short Story or Poem About Rain

*This may or may not be a non-canon story and does not associate with the characters from my published work... perhaps. :-)

Trey Isaac Hilliard

"Hurry up and open the door before the rain melts me. I wanna show you what I've been working on for "Fire Up the Mic." Nikita was rushing me to get inside as if the drizzle of water falling from above was really doing something.

I scoffed as I slid the key in the lock and looked back at her for a second. "Make you melt? What?"

"Yes. You know sugar melts when it gets wet. Duh." She smirked and winked at me, so I didn't argue, just opened the door and let her in. Who was I to disagree with that?

As we were pulling our shoes off and putting them on the shoe rack behind the door, I looked at her again. Her locs were a burnt orange color and had been cut just above her shoulders. She had on a long-sleeved, multi-colored striped shirt and the golden velvet skirt she wore rode up her thighs when she sat to take off her brown knee-high boots.

At the sight of her supple legs, I couldn't care less about that fucking poem. The drizzle outside was slated to be a full downpour within the next thirty minutes. My aunt Mandy always said rain was the best time for two things and both were done in the bedroom. So, that's where my head was at. Although, I technically didn't care whether it was in a bedroom, shower, or even on the couch, which is where she drugged me after our shoes were put up.

"Listen, I know we said we'd wait til Friday at THS to let each other hear our new pieces. But the weather outside is perfect for this one." I waited for Nikita to pull her notebook out of her tote. I notice her pull her legs underneath her and immediately got distracted at the exposure of her panties covering all of that—

“Trey! Eyes on my face, pervert.” Nikita popped me on the arm and shook her head. I chuckled at being caught in my blatant ogling before my eyes rose up to look into hers. “Thank you. So, this one is called Drench the Trenches.” She closed her eyes and heavily sighed before opening them back up to look at the pages in front of her.

The downpour seemed like it refused to end

Saturating everything in sight

I felt like I would drown in it soon

I guess that’s what I get for praying for rain

I’d done this before

You know, asking for a reprieve from the desert that had surrounded me

But this time…

This time was different

The water didn’t feel like… water

Where the droplets were normally cold, they were warm to the touch

It was comforting in a way

So, instead of complaining of the mess the flood would cause, I delighted in it

I opened my mouth and welcomed the warmth

Closed my eyes and it filled me up

It reminded me of cotton candy at the fair

Fruit juice on a scorching summer day

A glass of whiskey after a hard day at work

It was refreshing in the most delicious way

If it doused me from head to toe, I’d receive it happily

And so I did

Consumed it until the stream was complete

Until the dribbles languidly hit my tongue

Allowing it to hit my skin deliberately

Smearing the droplets in like cream

I smiled up at the sky in gratification

And when the shower concluded, my satisfaction shone through

Because Lily’s canal was overflowing

The rain had drenched my trenches

The moment Nikita finished her poem, I was on her. Rain had already become torrential outside, so I knew neither of us was leaving for the night. That fucking poem though! That shit did something to me.

“ I knew your freaky ass wasn’t talking about no damn rain,” I growled into her ear as I slipped the lobe between my teeth to nibble. Her moan encouraged me to continue my exploration of her taut body.

Nikita’s giggle as I peppered kisses against her neckline was heaven to my ears. “What gave it away,” she asked, sighing into my temple. I didn’t respond due to my mouth’s preoccupation. Luckily, the feel of her own mouth joining the party let me know she was too distracted to care.

My right hand slowly made its way down to the treasure between Nikita’s legs while my left hand took hold to the back of her neck..The kiss we shared was filled with passion and fervor. Once my fingers reached their destination, I slid her soak wet panties to the side and slipped two digits into a fucking ocean. Suddenly, thunder roared outside and lightning flashed, causing her to jump and inadvertently made her walls clench around my fingers. The arousal that spilled out into my hand reminded me of her poem. “Mmm, Lily really is overflowing.”

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