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Bloganuary 9: What is the Most Memorable Gift You Have Received?

Most memorable?!?!?!?! My memory is shit! I'm kidding, but I'm so serious. lol Like, I REMEMBER multiple gifts I've received, but ranking them to say which was the top tier in remembrance though? It's kinda hard. So, I'll just list of good ones but no way am I saying this is the order in which my appreciation goes for them.

  1. One year, for Christmas (I think), my brother bought me an iPod Nano 2nd Gen when I was in college. It was such a momentous thing at that time because my brother hard ever bought gifts for anybody. In fact, I think I might still have that thing too.

  2. I was gifted with a cruise as a graduation gift from high school. While everyone gifted my brother money for his end-of-the-year trip with the school when he graduated, I told them to hold that money out for my cruise for me. Been loving hopping on boats ever since.

  3. My family banded together and got me a Cricut and the carry case for it for my birthday a couple years back. (I bought the EasyPress and MugPress almost immediately after so I could set up shop. lol)

  4. Approximately seven years ago, my mother gifted me with my child. He was almost three months old and only weight 15lbs. Pretty brown eyes and a brindle coat. I named him Tank and everyday, I'm reminded that I have a responsibility I wouldn't hesitate to do all over again it I had to turn back time. He's 2 handfuls and then some, but he's also such a cuddle bud. Plus, he "guards" the house when mama's at work.

  5. And lastly, a gift I gave to myself: I threw myself a 30th birthday party that was so good it is still being talked about almost 5 years later. It was a Harlem Nights theme and I went ALL OUT with the photoshoot beforehand, cake and other desserts, open bar, party photographer and a DJ. I had soooooo much fun at that freaking party and I wanna do it again. Maybe at my 40th, with a different theme of course.

What is your most memorable gift?

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