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December Reading List 2022

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

I'm running late again. I mean, between work, reading, and all the other things that the holidays bring, my time flew past me. Hopefully 2023 will be a little better. But anywho!

I wrapped up 2022 with a 20 book read for December. That included 8 NTMA, 4 ARCs, and 1 physical read. I also did another prompt challenge with Hopeful Heartbreakers and BARELY completed the End of the Year Kindle Challenge. But I did it. So, here were my reads...

Hopeful Heartbreakers December Reading Prompt

Books that I read for each:

  1. When the Time is Wright

  2. Back to Us: A Christmas Novelette

  3. True Love for Christmas (This was chosen before the cover change)

  4. All I Want for Christmas

Year End Kindle Challenge

December was another one of those different kind of reading months. There was a little bit of toxic, funny, spicy, and educational with the 20 selections. The first read was Mistletoe Blues by Bella Jay for the podcast. It was Hallmark-esque with a tinge of spice in the end. Another Hallmark-laden read was Love Me This Christmas by Jasmine Nicole. It was her debut as an author, super sweet, and loving. I ARC reviewed that one. I also ARC reviewed for Snow King Catches His Snowflake by A.E. Valdez, Only for Tonight by Kimmie Ferrell (NTMA), and Plié by A.H. Cunningham (NTMA, Comes out 1/17/23).

Plié was nasty AF but when I tell you I gobbled that thing up like it was my last meal. It was so freaking good, I actually took to TikTok and did a video of me talking about it. And I do NOT do that very often. In fact, that's only happened once in all the years of me avidly reading as an adult. That ended up being somewhat of a buddy read with Elle Moore, so look out for the podcast commentary on that one.

I finished up the series that I'd started from Alexandra Warren called Attractions & Distractions and I continued the A Tale of Two Cities series with the Christmas story. (Just a note, A. Warren will be in my wrapups for the next couple of months, at least, as I finish off the AToTC series for New Years and Valentine's Days.) Between all of those, I read other new to me authors: K.L. Hall, Renée A. Moses, Elle Wright, Chassilyn Hamilton, & Elizabeth Carter. Now Elizabeth's book was read strictly to get that last achievement for the Kindle Challenge, but I did get some good tips from it, rounding off my year.

As always, I will provide info for the authors and links to all the books if you are interested in reading any of them.


*New to Me Author

***All images have attached links if you desire to purchase the books for you own consumption***

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