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Ho-Ho-Hold On, Issa Check-In

It's the last quarter, last DAY, of the year and so much DID NOT happen in the last three months. So, I have a feeling this check in may be very short. Unless I discuss highlights of the rest of the year. So let us see...

October: The only exciting things I can excitedly talk about Spoiler Alert starting up again for season 2 and the ARC review I did for Bookmarked by Bella Jay. And we came out swinging with the podcast too. This new season features all new authors and there were supposed to be NO series. It kind of ended up being one with the audible we called with Catching Flights by Ladii Nesha. If you haven't read it or it's sequel, Catching Feelings, you need to cop that. It's messy but funny AF. And what I am most honored about the first episode of SA is that the author, Aubree Pynn, loved it so much that she's gone back to listen to it multiple times. It lets us know that what we are doing with Spoiler Alert is not in vain. Aside from the 2 episode releases we had and my ARC, nothing else noteworthy graced my life for October. Oh yeah, my mom came to town and brought Tank birthday gifts, one being a a big ass cot that took up all of my hallway in front of my bedroom. Needless to say, it's in the spare bedroom of the house, so he has his own room now for when people come to visit that are afraid of him. But that's about it.

November: This month had a little more excitement in it... I went to a surprise birthday party for a friend. Finally did the book cover for one of my current WIPs (works in progress) And no, I'm not ready to share it with the world yet. I also spent Thanksgiving with both sides of the family plus one of the besties, as per usual. However, I didn't get any photos to show I was there. I was too in the moment at my uncle's house and my father's house was pretty low key. Along with the festivities I went to, I ARC read A Worthy Love by A.E. Valdez. Between that book and the one I reviewed in October, I don't know which one I shed tears more for. They were truly two of my top reads for this year.

December: The most active month of the quarter, of course. It's Christmastime!!!!! lol No, seriously. A lot happened in a short timeframe. I got my first Christmas gift that I bought myself, the ReadHer Christmas Jumbo Naughty & Nice book box. I FINALLY put my Christmas tree up after 4+ years of not decorating for the holidays. (You know I had help, because I was NOT putting that huge thing up alone) My best friends and I had our annual gift exchange along with brunch. And my family had 2 days of gatherings, one being at my house. Between all of those activities, I still had time to ARC read for 4 different authors. I had the pleasure to read the debut novella, Love Me This Christmas by Jasmine Nicole, Snow King Catches His Snowflake by A.E. Valdez, Only for Tonight by Kimmie Ferrell, and Plié by A.H. Cunningham (Which doesn't come out until 1/17/23).

With the close of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 here, I can truly say the year was a rollercoaster. With both the highs and lows, growth was had and I am forever grateful for all of those that stood beside me and held me up when I felt like falling. Thank you all for supporting me and/or reading all of my sporadic posting. It is my hope that I can be a bit more consistent in the new year. More Storytime posts, more general blog post, and so much more. So stay tuned!

Cheers to surviving another crazy year,

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