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If You're Happy and You Know It

The month you were happiest this year and why

This week's challenge topic is about the happiest month I've had this year... Obviously. lol The problem with this is that we have been practically on lockdown for the majority of the 7 months of 2020. However, if I had to choose a favorite so far, it would be between March and July. And here's why...

Quarter One

A few good things happened in the month of March 2020. But let me back up and quickly recap a couple things. Okay, let's see, where do I start...? Oh yes, 2019! So, in 2019, I switched jobs and I thought everything was going to be peachy keen, right... Wrong! Within 3 months of being with [REDACTED], I was ready to peace out. I'd never hated a job so much so quickly. And I've hated a couple of my jobs. Anyway! So naturally, I figured it was just the department I was in and I tried to transfer. Couldn't do it. By the time 2020 came around, I was so far over it that I was willing to let them fire me. I'd already started working a part-time job because they weren't paying me enough. And one thing I had promised myself after my health scare in 2016 was that no job or negative source of pain was worth killing me. If it was going to stress me out, it was time for it, or me to go. So, right after I got my final warning to "shape up or ship out", I gave them my two weeks' notice. The funny thing is, I was already about to get an increase in hours at the part-time, so it all fell into place quite nicely for me. I wasn't going to be making a whole lot of money so my bills were going to get somewhat behind until another job offer. But my thought was, God has carried me through all my other trials, He'll see me through this one too.

January came and went and February is in full swing. Guess what happened to me, y'all! Ya girl got an interview. (Hit a mean two-step, because I don't dance.) I had the interview and just as the interview instructions stated, I was told I had the job the same day. By the end of Month 2 of 2020, I'd let a stress-induced environment, getting more hours at the hotel and was on my way too having a full time job again. But... the job was overnight, just like my part-time. That meant, I had to cut my hour back to the original 2 nights a week. But I'm making more money! (Twerk)


So, here is why March is in the competition for best of 2020. Full-time job, part-time job, good health, and VACATION TIME!!!! For the last 5 years, with the exception of last year (for personal reasons), my best friends and I have gone on a girls trip. This year, we went to Houston TX. Yes, the same place I'm trying to move to. But it wasn't my idea, honest. March is one of my best friends' birthday and spring break time. Therefore, we took that time to celebrate the bestie and her cousin's birthdays and spring break. I flew out there a day before the crew so I could spend some time with my sister, who I hadn't seen since the year before and wasn't able to make it to her baby shower the week prior. So, win-win-win. Spent quality time with the sis, CHECK! Had a ball with the vacation buddies for a week, CHECK! And as soon as I got back from my trip, I started my new job. Let me tell you how awesome it was to be offered a job almost on the spot, fully vested and full benefits day one, and I was working overnight getting a differential. GLORAAAAAAY!!!!!!! I'm a nighthawk so it makes sense to me. Can you see why March was in the running? Oh, but that's not the best part either. On March 21, my beautiful niece was born. (Heart eyes everywhere) If it wasn't for the stupid pandemic, I would have been on the first thing smoking to get back out to Houston to see her. But it's coming, soon and very soon.


Now, July is ALWAYS my favorite month of the year. Of course, you can guess why, right? That's right, it's my birth month and I celebrate all month long. As a matter of fact, I'm still celebrating now. The plethora of coupons from restaurants keeps me busy too. lol Aside from it being my birth month, there are a few other great things about it as well. For one, growing up, I never had to worry about being stuck in school on my birthday because it was summer, summer, SUMMERTIME! Now, I have still have the option to take my birthday off. And you damn skippy, I took it off this year, too. Also, out of the 7 siblings I have, 3 of their birthdays are the same week as mine. Yep, daddy couldn't forget our birthdays if he wanted to. And although it's not the most important of them... Because my birthday is, duh! It's National Ice Cream Month. I LOOOOOOVE ice cream. I was definitely born in the right month. I get 2 coupons from my favorite ice cream store every year for that very reason. As a matter of fact, I think I want to go get some now.

Gotta Ride Out

As you can see, it was very difficult to choose my happiest month of 2020. Maybe I'll revisit this later in the year and this would have changed. I highly doubt it though. Those were some pretty major reasons, if I do say so myself. But until then, I'll catch y'all next week with a new topic. ✌?

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