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Jan, Feb, March into this Check-In

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Heeeeeey, y'all!!!!!!!! I know, I know... I'm late af, but busy is an understatement for how the first few months of the year went for me. As much as I would love to say it was just because I've been writing my ass off (I mean, I have been writing) but going back to work full time, writing, podcasting, and attempting to still be a graphic designer has drained my meager little energy container. But we gonna get it together, I promise.

January: Not a whole lot of exciting things happened in January, especially in the first half. But I did become fascinated with taking photos of the sky as the sun rises. Then, around the 15th, things slowly started to pick up. The ARC I did for A.H. Cunningham's Plié, was released for her book tour. Then, I went to my best friend's mother's 60th birthday party. Had a great time. Finally, I beta read for my good sis, Venus Teagan again. (Her book, Be Mine, dropped on the beloved holiday is was created for.) I was politely blessing her out for making me read a Valentine's Day book in January. But of course, all she did was laugh.

February: We started this month off with the sexy release of our episode for the aforementioned book once it was FINALLY released from big 'Zon's clutches. We had to do it since both me and Elle ARC read the book. I created a TBR basket, since I have too many options to put in a mere jar. Speaking of books and TBRs... I got the Holiday bundle from Aubree Pynn, which I can't even read 2 of the books yet for because they're in a series that I haven't completed yet. Some people can read out of order, but ya girl just don't like it. So, yes I'm torturing myself. We celebrated spirit week at work and I dressed up for decades day. I don't have any good pictures of me in the whole get up but I'll share what I can. Next, I reintroduced people to my short, Low Key, that's free to read on my website. For anyone that has read Crazy House, may have noticed that the cousin of a secondary character was actually introduced in the short before I dropped the book. And lastly, I finally, finally, FINALLY finished my ARC for Bali Blue by Cher Terais. I was determined to get that done before another month passed. Success was had.

March: This month opened with me and the besties having girls night. The food, the drinks, the commentary was all what I needed. Whenever all five of us are able to get together, it's a miracle to see. It is very rare that we're able to do that because we are always on the go. But we made a plan to at least try to get together at least once a month or bi-weekly. We shall see how that goes. lol Elle Moore and I celebrated our 1st year in the podcast game on the 8th, which just so happens to be her birthday. So we had a special episode drop on the anni where we played and commentated on voice notes from some of the authors we've reviewed over the last year. I was very surprised that I didn't cry because the messages were so beautiful. The celebratory vibes didn't end there. The two of us, along with one of our other besties went out to eat. Later in the month, we had a guest on the show, Monique Fisher, to discuss her debut novel, Where There is Smoke, There is Fire. And that is how we closed out the quarter.

Between January and March, I received a nice little handful of book mail. Aside from the Holiday bundle from AP, I won giveaways and/or received gifts from J. Nichole, Robbi Renee, Qiana from Hopeful Heartbreakers Book Club, Shanel, & Tia Love. When I tell you, the love is real in the book community, I feel it. After all that was going on, can you see why I'm late with the post? Just in the last two months alone, I've been on go. With the podcast season winding down, maybe I'll have a slight breather, if only for a month or two. Hopefully the quarterly check-in will be on time in June. Lettuce pray. 😂😂😂

Until next time,

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