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January Reading List 2022

New year, new authors, new books. Well, sort of.

I'm not going to do a full on review of my thoughts on the books I read this year. I think I've established quite nicely how much I love to read and find new books to digest. So, this year, I'll just list the books for the month and provide the links. If you're interested in the author and or the book, it'll be right here waiting for you. So enjoy!

  1. Nikki-Michelle & Kai Leakes

  2. Rilzy Adams

  3. Shay Davis/Eva Sherie, Wesleigh Siobhan, Emmanuel Ingram, Elle Cleviden, Madison C. Marie, & Winston James

  4. Aseera

  5. Aja

  6. Kema B.

  7. Alexandra Warren

  8. Millie Belizaire

  9. Moon Bey

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