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January Reading List 2023

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Soooo, January was a month! As you can see, I'm JUST now able to produce a post about it. Which means, February has been on ten as well. I did make the video for my January WrapUp for my social media posts though. So, I at least got some kind of work done. lol. But enough about that. Let's get to this reading list.

Out the gate, I read 12 books in January. Surprisingly, I did NOT read any new authors that month. Also, I had been going strong with the prompts for Hopeful Heartbreakers Book Club. However... that didn't get completed this time. I did 3 outta 4. With the crazy month I had, that was good though. I had to read for CCJ's book of the month meet up, a book that I needed to have read for the podcast, AND I was beta reading. See, BUSY.

I'm just gonna say this now, CCJ was the most read... well, read & listened author on my list. But every last book kept me engaged. And that's what we love about her books. Out of the four books on this list, I listened to 3 and read the 4th in paperback style. I read the Nicole Falls book in paperback as well. It's very rare that I have paperback reads, because I don't have whole catalogs of my favorite indie authors YET. But I'm working on it. Anywhoo...

Here is the list of all the goodies I read:



***All images have attached links if you desire to purchase the books for your own consumption.***

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