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July Reading List 2022

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

What a freaking month for readers! Okay, so, the Kindle Summer Challenge started this month and to receive some of the achievements required me to choose from a pre-selected list of books from Kindle or Editor picks from Amazon. Of course, there was a HUGE probability that I wasn't going to find any of MY type of books on these lists, right? Well, the first one, the "Summer Reading Kindle" pick did have one of the books on my TBR: The Mixtape by Brittainy Cherry. Shock of my life. In fact, it had the ebook and audiobook to read together. So, that's what I did. I enjoyed it so much I did a TikTok about it, which I'm STILL getting views and likes for on both TT and Instagram.

The second suspect option was with the "Amazon Original Story" recommendations from the editors. I saw some books on there that I'd seen before but nothing that grabbed my attention enough to dive into. Because of that, I decided to choose a children's book, just so I can get the achievement: Eraser by Anna Kang. It worked, so I feel like I did my due diligence. The challenge is from July 1-September 30. Which means I have a few more achievements to unlock, but I'm a reader, so I got this!

Another EXCITED thing that happened this month was the All Black Book Affair. It was a black readers dream! Multiple black indie authors came together to give away 100+ books of varying genres. They had urban lit, contemporary romance, paranormal/fantasy, self-help, etc. It was BEAUTIFUL to see and participate in. My Kindle and Book Funnel libraries are STUFFED like a turkey on Thanksgiving. Some of the authors even did giveaways. I walked away with 2 signed copies of Chassilyn Hamilton's books, along with some other goodies, as well as a signed book from the host author, M.L. Sexton. To see those treats, check out my personal IG page.

While all of this was going on, I was still reading for both pleasure and for my podcast. I closed out this month with 13 books and an audiobook before it was all said and done. And before I go, let me just say, Danielle Allen broke me ALL THE WAY DOWN when I read Broken Clocks. It was the last read of the month because I tapped out for the remainder because of that damn book. It was a great read, but goddamnit if I wasn't bawling by the end. If you decide to read that book, proceed with caution.

Below is the culmination of my July reading log:




***All images have attached links if you desire to purchase the books for your own consumption.***

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