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Low Key: A Valentine's Day-ish Short

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

***Disclaimer: This short contains profanity and sexual content. Read at your own discretion***

I was sitting at the bar, nursing the second Peach Bellini I'd ordered since I got here. I'd had the day from hell at work, and as much as I wanted to take five shots of Patron straight to the head, I was trying to behave. I knew what tequila did to my mind and body. I did NOT need to relive my college days as a thirty-two-year-old woman. It wasn't as cute nor funny for the antics, that used to get me all the attention, at this point in my life.

Still dressed in my orange pencil skirt and sleeveless, color-block peplum top, I relaxed into the barstool my blazer was draped on. The four-inch peep-toe heels I wore today made my calves look damn good. As a matter of fact, this outfit always garnered so many compliments when I wore it. However, I was ready to strip out of all of this and put on some sweats, a sports bra and some tennis shoes so I could release some of my frustration on a punching bag. The only reason I was at the bar instead of my favorite hangout spot, the gym, is because I left my workout clothes at home and I wasn't trying to double back once I got there. Both places just so happen to be on the same route back to my humble abode. So, here I was.

About forty-five minutes into my visit at Low Key, someone chose to sit right next to me at the bar, even though there were at least three empty stools on either side of me that would have put distance between us. I sighed heavily to myself and mentally prepared to be interrupted. Sure enough, the person leaned in and loudly whispered in my ear as if we were friends or something.

“You know you're too beautiful to be sitting here at a bar, looking lonely, right,” he stated in a gruff Michael McCary voice.

I glanced at him briefly and with a huff, I say, “Does that bullshit line usually work for you?”

He looks at me with wide eyes before he fixes his face into a smirk. When I didn't smile back at him, he chuckled before following up with, “Tough crowd.”

“How can it be a crowd if I look lonely,” I quipped with my eyebrow raised.

He replies smoothly, “Many a men and women are surrounded by people and feel lonely.” I nodded my head at this truth and sipped the last of my sweet-tasting beverage. Before I could respond or react to anything, my new bar companion summoned the bartender to refresh my drink. That was when I realized he wasn't just getting to the bar because he already had a glass in front of him. Was I that far gone that I didn't notice the people surrounding me?

“Simon, can you supply this beautiful woman with another of what she was drinking?” He turns to me, “Or would you prefer something harder than your juice?”

“Juice! For your information, my Bellini was very present of champagne, thank you very much.” I rolled my eyes and decided to effectively end the conversation by turning my attention to my cell phone, as if I was actually doing anything on it. When Simon brought my refreshed drink, I was tempted to snatch it up and walk away. But I had a feeling, this one would follow me to my new destination, whether I wanted him to or not.

“Sooo, you just leaving work?”

I looked up and gave him a roll of my eyes. “Listen—”

“Isaac. But my family calls me Zack,” he offered before I could even ask for his name.

“Listen, Isaac. I appreciate the drink and all. But I really wanted to drink my frustration away until I felt ready to go home.” I looked at him and gave the most annoyed face I conjure up. I’m not gonna lie, though. He was very delicious to look at. I had been trying to ignore that fact the entire time we’d been conversing.

“You know, there are far better and healthier ways to dispel your frustration than drinking.” He dropped a beautifully dimpled smirk after his statement.

“Really? You get shut down after your corny ass pick up line and you think propositioning fucking you is a great way to try again?” My face got heated at his audacity.

“I was referring to the gym at the end of the plaza. Seems like you’re the one thinking about sex.” He chuckled at me. “It’s cool, mama. I get it. You probably get propositioned a lot, huh?”

“Uh, yeah. I… kinda… do.”

“Well, I can definitely understand why.” He surveyed me from head to toe. Had me squirming in my seat. And just like most people had been doing all day, he praised me on my attire. In fact, he made me blush when he said that the color really complimented my skin tone. I was what many consider a redbone. Orange, red, yellow, and even pink, pretty much all worked well for me. I had the short and naturally curvy girl body type that let you know mama fed me well growing up. My normally silk-pressed hair was freshly done yesterday in some rope twists and I’d just been to see my favorite nail tech less than a week ago. I looked put-together quite nicely today in my humble opinion.

“Thank you… I guess.”

“Are you not used to being complimented, Ms.—”

Isaac waited on me to respond to his question with my name and I smirked at him. “Sybrina. And yes, I am. I’m just trying to figure out your angle.” He gave me a perplexed expression.

“My angle?”

“Yes. What are you trying to accomplish by coming over here? Clearly, you’ve been in the bar long enough to have already had a drink in hand when you decided to come bother me. The bar is practically a desert, yet you sat right next to me instead of somewhere else or stayed where you’d been, apparently, babysitting your glass. So, yes, your angle. What is it that you want, Isaac?”

“Well, damn. I…” He chuckled and smoothed his right hand over his head covered in waves. “Truthfully, I was sent a text message to meet someone here. You fit the description of the color I was told she’d be wearing and where she’d be located. So, I thought—”

“So, not only are you supposed to be meeting some woman up here but now you’re trying to talk to me. And that’s the best pickup line you could come up with? Wow!”

We both chuckled before he sheepishly admitted, “I’ve never been good with pickup lines.”

“Clearly. What were you meeting this woman for? I mean, if you don’t mind me asking.”

His deep dimples showed up again with the dazzling smile that emerged on his face. It was a bona fide panty-wetting, thigh-clenching smile that I know he’s used a plethora of times to spread someone’s daughter’s legs for him. Hell, I was ready to do that shit right now. It really didn’t help that this bar was across the street from a five-star hotel. This motherfucker almost had me out of character. I did not want that.

Then, he rested his elbow on the bar as he leaned into me to stare me in my eyes as he spoke. “If you must know, we were meeting for drinks and then,” he clears his throat before rumbling, “some stress relief.”

“Is that so?”


“Well, maybe you should text this woman, whose description I fit so well.”

“I texted her as soon as I got here. She hasn’t responded since I arrived.”

“Maybe she saw you and changed her mind.” I shrugged my shoulder.

“I highly doubt that.”

“Oh, you are so sure of yourself, huh, Mr. Cocky?”

Isaac chuckled and shook his head. “She’s seen what I look like before. Told me she liked what she saw. Asked me to meet her here before our rendezvous.”

I looked him over again. Isaac was definitely worth meeting up with for some stress relief. The coffee-colored skin, the waves, the dimples, the height, and his build. He was a walking wet dream. Even in his suit, you could tell he was toting something heavy between his legs. It made Missy want to purr in my panties.

“So, what are you going to do now, since she’s gone radio silent?”

“Mmm.” He looks down at his phone, then looks around the vacant bar, before turning his smile and warm brown eyes back on me. “How about this. I close both of our tabs, you and I finish these drinks, and you come with me across the street. I can give you what she was asking for. You look like you could use the stress relief too.”

I pretended to give his words some thought as I savored the remnants of my Bellini. He didn’t lie. I could absolutely use a stress reliever. So, I offered him a polite smile with a shrug, as if it was no big problem, even though there was an inferno brewing inside of me.

Isaac called Simon back over, paid for our drinks, and I rose from my seat. He acted like such a gentleman when he helped me into my blazer. Then, his hand slid from my shoulders, down to my arms, and onto my hips, before one hand cupped my backside. Fresh ass. But what can I say? That thang was thangin’. And I was about to let him get an onstage seat of what she could do.

We made our way across the street and got a suite on the top floor that overlooked the bay. As much as I would have loved to sit on the window bench of the bedroom and watch the boats floating by, or enjoy the massive shower complete with an overhead showerhead that the website bragged about in the amenities, I wasn’t able to do that. I didn’t even get a chance to look at any of the beautiful setup or décor in the room.

As soon as we made it inside, I was against a wall with his right hand pulling my skirt up around my waist. His mouth was on me immediately and his tongue comingled with mine. My ivory thong was pulled to the side and his left thumb started making circles over my labia. He played disc jockey with my sensitive clit while his free hand pinned my ass to the wall by my hip. In no time, I could feel my desire sliding down my thighs. It’s never taken much to get me going. Isaac played with Missy until she rewarded him.

Before I could recover from orgasm number one, I felt him lift me up by my thighs and I was literally sitting on his shoulders with his head buried between my legs. The conversation he had with Missy had me bucking against him. Damn, his tongue was just as long and thick as his fingers. The bulge in his slacks showed they were nothing compared to the third leg he still had covered.

As I felt the pressure building in my core, my legs wrapped around his head as I tried to hold on for dear life. And when one of his thumbs peg my back-alley hideaway, the dam broke and I flooded his face with my juices. I just knew this nigga was going to drop me with the amount of jerking and shaking I was doing as he continued to lick me through my orgasm. But no. Instead, he carried me to the bedroom, with his face still buried, as if he’d memorized the floorplan of the suite.

Isaac laid me on the bed and began undressing me. Well, mostly. He pulled my blazer, blouse and skirt off, but told me he was keeping my bra, thong, and heels on. I was too spent to care. I just laid there and watched him as he took his shoes and suit off. Just like me, he kept his boxers on. He just pulled that big ass anaconda through his pee-hole and started stroking it. Missy not only purred, she gushed at the sight of him. And, of their own volition, my legs opened like automatic doors, when he stood directly in front of me.

He massaged my ivory covered, aching breasts and pinched my beaded nipples through the material of my bra. After about a minute of caressing them, he pushed my breasts out of the top of my bra, bending down to add his mouth and tongue to the ministration. First to my left, then my right. I could feel his full length laying on top of Missy as he leaned over me and I couldn’t help but to move my hips to coat him with my overflowing nectar. And without ending the tender suckles he was giving my melons, I felt him move my thong to the side again, pushed the bulbous head of his dick into me and dove into me.

“Aaah, shiiiiiiit! I… I… Isaac,” I screamed as he moved in and out of me. I could feel Missy stretching to accommodate all of him. He fit so snug inside of me. I mean, hand meet glove, goddamn!

“Come on, baby. I got you,” he murmured over my right tit. “Take all this dick.”

I moaned as he moved his head from my chest, licking me up my sternum to my chin. He gave my chin a nip before taking my lips again. He stroked my tongue to the same tempo he gave Missy. He hadn’t skipped a beat at all. And the way I was creaming all over him, I just knew his boxer briefs were going to be soaked by the time we finished.

“Zack, oh God! I’m bout to… Oooh shit! I’m cummin’, baaaaybeeeee!”

“Cream on this shit, baby. Give it to me, girl.”

Isaac pumped into me over and over again at a steady beat until my shudders slowed a little, then he took his pace up. He was about to join me in Orgasmia. I could tell by the throbbing my walls felt as they contracted around him. And just as the thought crossed my mind, he went deeper into me and held it as he emptied inside of me.

Once he had expelled all of his seeds, he fell over onto his back, pulling me on top of him as he fell. Laying chest to chest, he wrapped an arm around my waist, palming my ass in the process, his dick still slightly jumping inside me. Both of us stayed there, trying to catch our breaths before moving.

After about ten minutes of just lying in each other’s embrace, Isaac tapped the ass cheek he’d been holding.

“Come on, baby. We gotta get up outta here and get home before your mother calls, trying to figure out where the hell we are.”

I sighed. “Yeah, she already told me she’s not watching the kids all night.”

I slid off of him and stood on my feet. He rose up next and we made our way to the bathroom for a quick shower before we had to leave. Usually, Isaac and I would have more time for our role-playing rendezvous, but my mother said she and my father had plans tonight. Valentine’s Day wasn’t until tomorrow, they could have given us this one, but whatever. I guess it didn’t help that this meetup was impromptu, because I’d really left my gym clothes at home. So, I figured, why not?

As soon as we were done cleansing ourselves, my phone started to ring. I put it on speaker so that I could get dressed while my mother, undoubtedly, inquired about our whereabouts.

“Yes, mama?”

“Where the hell are you and that husband of yours? I told you, we got shit to do tonight.”

“We’re on our way to the house, Mama Jackie.”

“Y’all are together! Did y’all run off to that damn hotel again?”

“We will be home in fifteen minutes, mama. Bye!”

I hung up my phone and rolled my eyes as Isaac laughed.

“Let’s go, Mrs. Hilliard, before yo mama drop the kids off here.”

Dressed and completely destressed, we made our way out of the suite and down the elevator. We waved at the desk attendant turned “friend”, Jacinta, before we made our way out the lobby doors.

“See y’all next time.” She smirked at us, knowingly.

Happy Valentine's Day! 😘

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