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Mommy, don't go!

Assistance Needed

Hey everybody!!!!! I know, I have been inconsistent lately with my posts. But it's partly because ya girl has been swamped and t-i-red... The other issue is trying to find new things to write about. So, if you have a topic that you'd like to hear (read) my opinion on, there are several ways to let me know. Between Facebook and Instagram there are 4 different inboxes you can send me a message. Or contact me through the Contact tab here on the site. Now, on to the new topic at hand.

Separation Anxiety

How many of you have either heard of or experienced separation anxiety? Nine times out of ten, we've all been through it as either the child or the parent... And for those who have children, both sides of this situation. For those who don't know what it is, Separation Anxiety is basically the anxiety (panic) one gets from being separated (distanced) from another person. Looking up this topic on the internet, it automatically describes in in the form of parent and child relationships. However, I personally feel that this can be used for two people who are used to sharing personal space long term. (i.e. parent & child, spouses, friends, and even humans & animals) Yes, dogs can have anxiety too.

I chose this topic because during this current climate, a large majority of the working class are laboring from home. As a matter of fact, I am included in that group of people. And the job I have was never supposed to be a WFH position. However, concessions have been made to ensure that our business stays on top of our workflow. A lot of children have had to transition into online schooling as well. With that being said, that is causing people to be home together during that 8-12 hours that they are normally separated during the day. While some people are enjoying being able to spend more time with their loved ones, others are about to pull all their hair out. Me...? I love WFH.

Whenever I talk to former co-workers from previous jobs who knew I'd been wanting a WFH position are just as happy for me as I am about it. The funny thing is, many of them automatically say, "I know Tank is loving you being home" in the same breath. I laugh and tell them very quickly that I don't give him the option to get comfortable with me being there while I'm working.

Clearly, he's not phased one way or the other. And there's a reason for that. Just like human children start to get antsy when they notice mommy and daddy aren't with them, animals are the same way. They will howl or whine excessively. Some have "accidents" even if they have been house-trained. Others will dig holes or chew things up. I experienced this with my baby when he was a few weeks shy of turning 1. I'd been hospitalized for a week and no one went to check on him for two days. When I was released and got home, he'd destroyed the plastic tray that went in his crate. Less than two weeks after that, I put him in his crate where there was carpet while I was taking a nap. When I woke up, I discovered he'd dug a hole in the carpet through the crate because he could see or hear me since I was in a completely different room with the door closed.

I have been in multiple video meetings where my co-workers and/or managers have their dogs and cats all in their work space and I just can't do that. For one, Tank is nosy as hell and would be trying to get into everything in my office. I mean, he thinks he's human for real. He poses like he's a model, side eyes with the best of them and even has full-fledged arguments with my friends when they come over. I could only imagine how he'd be trying to get all in front of the camera to show off.

Either way, since my job was never supposed to be WFH, eventually, we will have to head back into the building. And I know Tank will get too comfortable with being under me all day, every day. So, to avoid the pain of retraining him to be okay without me being in the house, I try not to engage him that often during my work hours. It's not always successful, but most time, when I do come down the stairs for something, he doesn't come running in my direction as much.

Each animal is difference. So, I'm not saying that everyone has to avoid engaging with their pets while working. For some, it helps them get through their workday. But I know what works best for me and Tank. For those who do end up having the separation anxiety issues with their furbabies, there are different things that you can do, aside from what I do. There are medications to give them, YouTube videos and websites to view, and training classes you can take them to. If you already see signs that your pets have this type of anxiety, it may be best to start researching some ways to curb it before the world "opens completely back up".

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