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No Filter

Hello everyone!

After being a published author for almost 5 years, I broke down and decided to blog as a way of releasing. It will also give me a way to continue getting my writing out to people until the 2nd book comes out.⏳ I realized years ago that, even though I am very blunt and very open with people, it is sometimes easier for me to write than it is to express my true feelings. I have so many mental monologues on a regular. I say all the time that if people could hear the things I don't say out loud...

That is where No Filter comes in. Some of the things I share on the blog may be funny, sad, or even filled with rage. They may be solely about me. Or they could include the people (friends & family) that I'm closest to. I never know what may come up and out on one of these posts. I just know that I am product of the matriarchs in my family and it shows often. I have the feisty spirit of my grandmothers, the attitude of my aunts, and the compassion of my mother.

I was bred from intelligence and humanity. Therefore, it is my hope and prayer that you all enjoy and get a gem from at least one thing that I share from the heart.

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