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November Reading List 2022

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

I know I'm late, but... let me explain. November was a hectic month for me. I'll probably chronicle that craziness in my quarter 4 check-in at the end of the month. But that's not what we're here for today. It's monthly wrapup time and I read 14 books. I ARC read for one of my latest faves, A.E. Valdez. I read 4 by NTMAs thanks to challenges I was/am participating in. One was for the Hopeful Heartbreakers November reading prompts and the other is the End of the Year Kindle Challenge. And you will see I was deep in an Alexandra Warren rabbithole as well. She is definitely in my top 5.

Hopeful Heartbreakers November Reading Prompt

Books that I read for each:

  1. The Work Spouse

  2. Romancing the Fashionista

  3. Forever My Lady

  4. A Tale of Two Cities: A Thanksgiving Novella

  5. The Manual

Year End Kindle Challenge

Book I read for Chills and Thrills in the Kindle Challenge

  1. Daddy

Some of the reads I had in November had my feelings going haywire, not gonna lie. That ARC was... WHOOO! It was beautifully written; and even with things I don't agree with that the characters did, her writing made me completely understand. There was another book (The Work Spouse) that made me want to bop the main character in her damn head for the majority of the book and two other ones (Romancing the Fashionista & Daddy) had me rolling my eyes at the woman's actions and excuses. It read ditz for not recognizing certain things or making excuses for things that did not need them. And no, they weren't books by the same author. But they were both new to me. Forever My Lady had me crying by the end. That book was another one of those, "It's a love story but it ain't a romance" type of books. The Pleasure Principle is an anthem book for women's liberation in my opinion while The Manual was a read on what happens when Fuckboy 101 is your lifestyle. Like I said, I was all over the place with the reads.

I buddy read the follow up from September's read, Catching Flights. The sequel is called Catching Feelings; how apropos. And I went back and started A. Warren's catalog from the beginning along with the "required" holiday read from her A Tale of Two Cities holiday series. I got through 3 out of 4 of her first series and closed out the month with book 2 of her second series (which isn't really a series). I'm lowkey upset I couldn't finish that 4th book before the month was out but that's okay. I'm on it now for December, which will probably be filled with a few more of her books since the AToTC series has a Christmas novella, closing the A&D series, and there's one more book right before that one in her catalog. Now, on to the new book reads that are already underway.

As always, I will provide info for the authors and links to all the books if you are interested in reading any of them.


*New to Me Author

***All images have attached links if you desire to purchase the books for you own consumption***

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