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October Reading

Soooo, I read waaaaaay more books than I expected to read in October. But I will say, audiobooks helped ALOT. I read 17 books in October and 6 of them were audio. Shout out to Hoopla for 2 whole series that I was interested in reading but didn't have the time to actually read. SEVENTEEN BOOKS THOUGH! I want to say that is the most I've read all year long. Once again though, many were very short reads.

As always, I have a mixture of faves and one "new to me" (NTM) author on this catalog of reads. So, lets get into this.

I opened the month with a sweet but short read from Aja. I eventually read the rest of the 4-book series before the month was out. This was the first time I've read one of her books. But I have met her in person. She seems so reserved and quiet compared to some of the nasty shit her characters get themselves doing. But I enjoyed every bit of this series and can't wait to read more of her catalog. As a matter of fact, the heroines in all of the books in this series are associated to heroines from other books written her Aja. The quickie reads were definitely worth me reading about their friends. That's now on my to-do list for the near future.

After Tease, I delved into a whole family affair with CCJ's Wright Brothers Series and Love Sisters Series, who are first cousins. And guess what! I actually LISTENED to all but the holiday shirt about the Wright Brothers. Shoutout to Hoopla for the ability to do that. Christina is already one of my faves, so I knew I would enjoy the reads... errr, listens. lol But some of the surprises that occurred within these two series were definitely eye-opening for more than one reason. It would have people looking at folks with disabilities, family dynamics, friendships and one night stands with a better perspective.

Next, I polished off the rest of Kema B.'s catalog in preparation of her new book that's coming later this month. Much like Aja and CCJ, the Kema B. universe has recurring characters which remind me of the 6 degrees of separation. But every last one of her books, novel or novella, was beautifully written and I thoroughly enjoyed them all. I laughed and got in my feelings a little. I even wanted to fight some of the characters; something I pick on my best friend about wanting to do all the time.

Once I finished Kema's catalog and the rest of Aja's Sweet Spot Series, I went over to another fave's catalog and read Rilzy Adams' Go Deep and Deeper Book 1 & 1.5 from the Unexpected Lovers series . Since her Book 2 was just released, which I had been anticipating, I knew I needed to read those first. So, that was how I ended my October reading, so I could dive right into that one to begin my November reading.

Here is the full reading list for anyone who is looking to add more books to their collection of reads. Enjoy!

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