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Relax... Relate... Release...

I'm Tied Boss!

We are over halfway through this year called 2020 and for most of it, we have been is some way, shape, or form in a lockdown. Whether people actually followed the rules during the pandemic is a completely different conversation all of its own. So, don't get me started on that. Anyway... With several changes implemented to restructure work/school, home, and play, it's expected that some stressors are activated. For one, being locked in your house with your family for hours while trying to work and help children get acclimated with doing school on the computer could cause anyone to go bonkers. (Thankfully, I don't have that issue.)

Quarantining since March has helped a lot of people either grow closer together because they are FINALLY communicating with one another. Or it has shown them that they aren't as compatible as they thought. When you're away from your significant other and children/parents for 8-12+ hours a day, you only have to deal with them in small doses. Being employee, teacher, husband/wife, janitor, cafeteria staff, blah, blah, blah... all at the same time can be a bit much when you're not used to it. The added layer of being at home and comfortable can cause some to be lackadaisical and not be as productive with their workload... and that's if the person still has a job. So many companies have had to either downsize or close completely due to this travesty. It's all a big STRESS bomb.

Now, let's not leave out those of us who don't have the added family to cater to or who are still having to work. We may not have to play teacher or wonder where our next paycheck is coming from. However, many of the everyday activities we are used to doing are not the same. Meeting up to have dinner and cocktails to decompress from work woes, going to the beach, hanging out at the mall, etc. had all been cut at the start of this pandemic. However, it kind of got me what I wanted... sort of. Let me explain...

I started my latest full-time job (I have 2 jobs) literally a week before everything got shut down. I was never supposed to be able to work from home. (And trust me, I asked in my interview, too. lol) So, for awhile, I was just at home, collecting a check and doing what I wanted to do. This thing was only supposed to be a few weeks, right? Well, when March began to turn into April with no end in sight, they politely advised us to come in to pick up computers because our client was going to test the WFH lifestyle out... Still in training, it was pretty interesting since they never allotted for such a workflow. Now, six months in, I'm still loving the WFH flow. Most of the kinks have been worked out and we've even increased in productivity. So, work is great. Well, for the full-time job. The part-time on the other hand... Let's just say, I love my job and co-workers/managers but these people we are servicing, UGH! The atmosphere has changed because of this thing and it's causing the wrong type of people to frequent our establishment. It's been a headache for all of us that work there, from management on down.

As far as my personal life, there are ups and downs. My best friends and I still get together because we already know we're all cleared. My immediate family is the same. I wasn't crying about not being able to go and do much because I'm a workaholic and a homebody. So, those things didn't have to change much. Now, I will say, it kind of messed up my goal of trying to be more social... Can't socialize much if you can't go out and meet people, right? Yeah, I know there are social sites and all the things, and I have been utilizing them. It's still not the same. So, what have I been doing to get my mind off of it? WORKING.


As I stated earlier, I have 2 jobs. I work 6 days a week and my off day is randomly chosen by my manager. I'm usually off Thursday, Friday, OR Saturday depending on the week. And I don't find out which day until the previous weekend, unless I request a specific day off. Both jobs are overnight, so while everyone else is home sleeping... or NOT sleeping (Insert wink here), I am working, working, working. However, the working nonstop 6 days a week can start to weigh on you. So, I had to find some things to decompress, especially since I can't travel like I want to.

There are several things that have been created as ways to relief stress. And I'm not talking about smoking and drinking... or having sex. Those are all things I know at least one person will say is their way of de-stressing. THAT AIN'T WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, PEOPLE. lol There are actually other activities that can be done alone or with a friend, significant other, and/or children that can reduce the anxiety or strain in one's life. And perhaps bond them together even more. One thing that has helped me was/is writing. And not just the blog writing either. Poems, stories, prayers, etc. There are a lot of pieces of paper surrounding me as I speak because I jot things down randomly. I joke a lot that I need a waterproof voice recorder because much of my most "profound" writing material happens when I'm in the shower. Go figure. (Insert shrug here) Now, I've found other things that also help with the de-stressing that working too much can cause also. Here are some that come to my mind.

  1. Puzzles (jigsaw or logic)

  2. Music (Always a go to; I even have a speaker with a microphone so I can sing on extra loud)

  3. Reading (I'm actually building my own library)

  4. Video games

  5. Watch television/movies (It's rare that I turn my tv on)

  6. Board/Card games

  7. Exercise (Yoga, Kickboxing, CrossFit, etc.)

  8. Knit/Crochet

  9. DIY your house

  10. Arts & crafts

There are a lot more things that can be done to reduce stress that I'm probably forgetting about. But that are just a few. What are some of the things that you do to decompress? Have they helped a lot? How long do you engage in the activity before it actually helps? Are you open to learning a new trade to pass the time? Drop some gems on what's kept you sane during the lockdown.

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