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StoryTime: My First Night in You


This is a drabble I wrote for a "friend" circa 2003/2004. Yeah, this shit is that old. But he asked me to write something quick for him and this is what appeared in my mind. Amateur writing... in my opinion. However, I couldn't just let it go to the trash pile. This hasn't been edited or updated, so take the unrealistic with a grain of tequila salt.

***WARNING*** This is explicit in nature. If that is not your scene, do not continue.

My First Night in You

He cuts her off with an unexpected kiss. He starts moving between her open legs. The kiss is soft and passionate without tongue. When she doesn’t pull away, he licks at her lips until they part, inviting him in. His hands rest on her hips while she rubs his bare back. Soon, her tongue slips into his mouth and she tugs at his pants. He breaks loose and stares at her. “You sure?” She says a breathy, “Yes.”

He takes off her halter top and mini skirt to stare at her almost bare body. She lets out a soft moan as his hands roam her body, pulling off her thong in the process. His clothes follow hers there after.

He kisses from her ear to her open mouth. Then he makes a trip to her neck, where he begins sucking on her spot. That’s where he leaves his mark, making her moan for more. His tongue trails down to her breast, where he leaves two more passion marks. Her moans get louder as he goes to her belly button and down to her wet thickness. He stops and looks up at her. She gives him a look that says, “Nigga, don’t even try it.” He laughs. She breathlessly says “Baby, please don’t play with mama like that.” He licks the lips of her wet valley, then passes down to her feet. He sucks each of her toes like they were ice cream. “Baby please,” she begs.

After he was done with her toes, he goes back to her awaiting wet lips that he neglected earlier. His tongue goes in very slowly and out very quickly. “Oh,” she screams lightly. Without warning, he dives right in. Minutes later, she announces her arrival to ecstasy. He went deeper until she came in his mouth. He licked all of her juices off of her before coming up for air. Then, he stuck his tongue in her mouth, making her taste her own essence.

He slipped two fingers into her to get her ready again. After she was soaking, he put in a third finger. As she neared her peak, he pulled his fingers out and began to lick them. “Baby, you taste so good,” he moans in her ear, causing her to shiver. “You ready?” “Very,” she said softly, knowing her first time would hurt.

He stuck the head of his dick into her small hole, making her wince in pain. “Ow!” “Baby, relax,” he said as he massaged her tense shoulders. He kissed her to keep her screams down as he slowly pushed all the way in. She started crying from the pain. She felt him in the pit of her stomach. He kissed her tears away.

“Baby, it hurts,” she cried as he pushed in and out of her. “Shh, just relax.” He held on to her ass as he started pumping faster. She begin crying harder and scratching his back. “Do you want me to go slower?” “No, faster,” she said much to her own shock. He wiped away her tears and sped up.

Soon, he moved her to a chair. He leans his arms on the back of the chair and keeps going. An hour later, she says, “Baby, let me ride.” So he lays across the bed. She slides down on him and starts riding him like a horse. “Damn girl, you sure you a virgin?” He holds her ass as she goes up and down. After an hour, he states that he’s nearing his peak.

She slides down his body ad puts his dick in her mouth. “Damn girl!” He moans from his pleasure before screaming, “I’m coming!” She continues to suck on him until he goes limp in her mouth.

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