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StoryTime: Splash, Waterfalls

Here's a late night drabble written way back when... I think this one was circa 04-05. It was done for a different friend of mine who enjoyed the first one and wanted one done just for them too. lol Once again, this was not edited or updated since written. I think I might have to do "Storytime Sunday" every month. What do y'all think?

***WARNING*** This is explicit in nature. If that is not your scene, do not continue.

It was close to midnight when Trisha came home. Sean was laying down, sleep in her room. When she came in the room, it woke him up. He didn’t sit up, though. She went in the bathroom to take a shower. Sean got up as soon as he heard the water cut on. He knew she was tense and he was going to “relieve” her of her stress. Trisha was just getting in the shower as Sean came in. She didn’t hear him open the door. He took his clothes off quietly and stepped in the shower. She screamed in terror, but she calmed down when she saw who it was.

T: Don’t scare me like that. Damn, I thought you were sleep.

S: I was until you came in the room. (Kisses her forehead)

T: I’m sorry, baby.

S: (Whispers in her ear) Don’t say it. Show it.

She looked up at him and smiled. She pushed his body against the wall with one hand as she gripped his dick with the other. She slid down slowly as the warm water beat against their bodies. She sucked on “her lollipop” until it got as hard as a rock. When she stopped, she pulled him down. He laid down as she crawled over him. With the water still hot on her back, she slid him into her body as she sat down. She leaned back so that the water was in her face as she rode his dick slowly. Their moans transferred, sending chills to each other.

After awhile…

T: (Moans) Are you hungry baby? Tell mama if you hungry.

S: (Moans) Feed me.

She got up and positioned herself where her hole was right over his mouth. She sat down and let him eat. He stuck his tongue all the way in, but didn’t move it. She started rolling her hips on his face. She leaned back again and grabbed his dick. She started to massage him. She stopped and got up. She looked down at him and smiled. With her legs on either side of his body, he tried to pull her down.

T: Uh uh. Good things come to those who wait.

S: Come on, girl. (Sits up and licks her opening)

T: (Moans) Mmm, boy stop. (Rubs his head)

S: Now, do you (Licks) really (Licks; She moans) think (Licks) I’ma let you (Licks) get away? (Licks) You (Licks) woke me up. (Licks)

T: (Moans) Okay, lay down.

He laid down. He made sure she came down with him. She turned with her ass in his face. She sat on his face again. As he began to eat her again, she leaned forward and grabbed his dick. She started sucking on it. She moved like an inch worm on his body. The water was now lukewarm. As the water started getting cold, they flipped over so the water could hit her nipples, making them hard. He sucked them like they were going to melt in his mouth. They did. While he was sucking on her nipples, the water helped him slide into her with ease.

S: Damn T, you more than wet.

T: Shh, I can hear my song.

In her mind, Trisha could her “Sweet Love” by 112. The chorus was playing over and over as Sean pushed deeper into her body. He lifted her legs onto his shoulder so he could go even deeper. When he hit her G-spot, she half moaned, half screamed. That was the first time anybody had ever hit it like he did. When he found it, he continued to push into it. She came two times in a row. He started going faster so he could come at the same time as her third one. When she came a third time, he exploded inside of her. She could feel his warm fluid as it moved into her body.

S: (Whispers in her ear) Third times a charm.

T: Damn, boy.

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