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That's What You Call Great?

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Hey people, how you doing? A few posts ago, I said that I was thinking about limiting my posts to bi-weekly since my schedule is so hectic. As you can see, it's looking like that's going to be the wave I stay on, more or less. I can't wait til I slow down and get free time to do the things I LOVE to do instead of what I have to do to pay bills. I must say, being an adult can be so bothersome sometimes. lol But on to the topic for today: Great Accomplishments... or are they?

Topic Basis

I was listening to one of my podcasts and the conversation was sparked about great accomplishments. A listener asked the hosts about their successes and what motivated them to receive that success. Both hosts said they were "raggedy" and what people perceive are great things they have attained were things they had to do; nothing special. It led to them discussing about what some people believe are difficult for them to achieve, others see them as normal occurrences. It made me ponder on my own "accomplishments".

Great Accomplishments

What are some things that folks are amazed came about that others are like, "Oh, that's no big deal"? For me, graduating from high school and getting a degree was something I hated having to do but it was a necessary nuisance. My thought was, in order to get where I want to be, these are the requirements. So, although I was happy to achieve these accomplishments, some people become overwhelmed with emotional gratitude because they never saw themselves getting that far in life. For me, it was just a stepping stone.

In the same vein, there are things that I have done that the excitement was on a high for me while others were like, "eh, it was another day". For instance, when my mother got married, she asked me to sing in her wedding. Now, I was in the choir at church, even sung at my high school graduation with an ensemble some of my friends and I started, and many people already knew I could sing. HOWEVER, I do NOT like being the center of attention. So, I recruited two of my best friends (Coincidental fact: All of my best friends can actually sing). One of my girls has been singing far longer in church than I and was used to singing lead or solo in front of people. I was not. After we sang and the ceremony was over, I was trying to shake the rest of my nerves from being in front of all of those random people. The "expert" of the group said something along the lines of, get over it. It's done now. Easy for her to say! I was still shaking and I wasn't even in sanctuary anymore.

That is why I was curious. Why are there so many things that become normalized with certain people that seem like big shit to others? Why are there people who buy a new house or two every year just to flip and resale while there are people who save forever and have to clean their credit up before they can buy their first house? There are people who will go and buy a car, a truck, and an ATV within a five-year range in cash and I'm paying a car loan over 7 years for one vehicle. And what about those who are still celebrating being the first person in their family to graduate from high school or go to college when people (myself included) have multiple degrees. In fact, by the time I finished my third degree, I didn't even want to go to the graduation because I'd already been through the ceremony. I just wanted my degree delivered to my house. Are these really great accomplishments or are they everyday happenings that everyone should be able to achieve? I believe perception has a big part to play in this situation.

It is amazing the scope of difference humans have when it comes to successes and procurements. It's even more fascinating when folks will attain these benefits without much effort while others struggle to receive only half of the same things, if that. Why do we value things so differently these days? Perhaps it's because of socioeconomic reasoning being played out. It makes me wonder, was there a rigid caste system in place in caveman days? Or was everyone considered equal?

It is your prerogative on what you deem important or worthy enough to strive for. Some people deem possessing a house, car, loads of money in the bank and the ability to travel wherever, whenever as reaching success. Others feel successful when they have married their soulmate, built a family together, and are able to enjoy free time with them. And then there're those who have/want all of that and still aren't happy. Where do we draw the line between vital and voluntary? According to Napoleon Hill, a great achievement comes from great sacrifice. Perhaps, the reason we place value on the things/activities we participate in so differently is because of the great sacrifices to achieve them. If we didn't work as hard for it as the next person, we may not care as much when the deed is successful. What are a few "great accomplishments" you feel you've made that someone else may not feel are such a big deal? What are some that things that others feel are crucial for their growth while you feel are not that worthy of celebrating?

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