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June Reading

This past month was the most I have read in one month. 16 freaking books… most of them being full-length novels. I guess that’s what happens when you’re off from work for 3.5 weeks huh? I‘ve got some new authors added to the line-up: DL White, Alexandria House, and Robbi Renee. But of course, OF COURSE, I had to bring back some of my FAVORITES: Eva Sherie aka Shay Davis, Love Belvin, Christina C. Jones, Asia Monique, Alexandra Warren, and Rilzy Adams.

DL White’s book was a slow-burn read for me. Interesting plot lines but for some reason, it just felt like a more… MATURE person wrote it. And not in the sense that the others were childish either. Since I don't know the author's age, I can't rightly say that she is older, but the book felt more '90s-esque when it was written in 2015. It took me longer to read this one than I expected. I even started reading another book and finished it before I completed it. If I had to describe it, the book went from excitement, lull, and back to excitement again. All in all, it was written well enough that I gave it 4/5 stars.

Both Alexandria House and Robbi Renee have follow up books from the books I read from them so they’ll probably be popping back up again soon. And I can’t wait to dig into them. But what a way to start the series! And I heard it through the grapevine, AH's Set isn't even the best one in the series. So, I definitely can't wait for the rest.

Sooooo, Eva Sherie... The book I read from her was a sequel to Held in Contempt. Which I read and listened to back in March. I had not been expected a follow-up book but baby when I heard about it, I was all the way here for it. And it was so good too. #DoctorBae is giving #JudgeBae a run for his money.

Listen!!!!! Love Belvin and Christina C. Jones but their feets (yes, feets) in the Connecticut Kings series. Do you hear me?!?!?! I read the entire 8 book series in one month because I was determined to have all of them. And I was NOT disappointed at all. All 8 titles were deliciously entertaining. I cackled and felt some type of way with every single book. I think I heard one of them say that this wasn't the end and another season would be coming some day down the line. I wonder just how they're gonna spin the new two books after what they've already done. It's essentially competing against yourself. lol

I'm no stranger to good work from Asia Monique, Alexandra Warren, or Rilzy Adams either. They have definitely got bangers that I've devoured. As a matter of fact, my ole anal ass have all their titles in a spreadsheet that I check off once I've read them. I'm going to eventually get through their whole collection. So, just as I said about CCJ last month, they'll be back on my reading list just about all year long. And the title I read from Rilzy was a 6-book series starter too.

As always, I'm including links to all of the books for easy access so that you can check them out for yourself. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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