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June Reading List 2023

Here for another monthly wrap-up like I didn't just drop May's 2 seconds ago. But this is a judgement-free zone, right? Right? RIGHT! So, yeah... I did not do a whole lot of reading for June. In fact, I read a book less than I did for May. Only clocking 7 books feels weird to me. But I have to remember. The same thing happened last summer when I was trying to drop a book. I kept my Kindle insights though. And I actually completed the Kindle Spring Challenge, which I didn't think I would. I fenagled that thing so nicely though.

Out of the 7 books for the month, 3 were ARC reads, 1 from my TBR basket, but no NTM authors. The recordings for the podcast were done so I didn't have to read for that either. I did finish the 4th book of the Orphan Series that I read the bulk of in May too. Oh, and I'm uploading my reviews for the final 2 ARCs today, God-willing. So you'll be able to read those if you're interested as well. Now for the whole reason for this post, here's my handy list for you reading pleasure.


  1. Dandridge Monroe

  2. Cher Terais (ARC)

  3. A.H. Cunningham (ARC)

  4. Aubree Pynn

  5. Asia Monique

  6. Té Russ (ARC)

  7. Aja

***All images have attached links if you desire to purchase the books for your own consumption.***

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