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My Quarterly Check-In

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

What it is yo! What's Up!

It's been 3 months since I dropped in, other than my monthly reading wrap-ups and a few things have happened in that timespan. So let's see how much catching up I got for you...

April: I tried to start working out again... That was a fail. I even went walking in the park and felt like I needed a life alert. I guess I need to ease myself back into this thing. But the summer sun is NOT my fun. Therefore, in-house workouts for the time being. That is, if I can motivate myself to get back into it. lol

I participated in the #BlackAFReadAThon by @blackromanceconnoisseur which was originally from April 1-14. It was so much fun that she extended it until the end of the month. I shared about that haul of books in my April Reading List 2022 post. I destroyed my TBR for that thing too. But it's all good. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Halfway through the month, I got to see my group that caused me to fall in love with music live in concert, Boyz II Men. I missed half the concert standing in line trying to get food, but the parts that I did see, I GOT MY 90s LIFE, you hear me! Nate, Wanya, and Shawn did their thing on that damn stage.

May: Between April and May, I did a couple of shirts for some people. Around the middle of May, I went to assist my mother after she had surgery. She's healed and out and about now, so no worries. But of course I had to go up there when she first got out so I could make sure she was doing what she was supposed to. She called me a commander y'all. I mean, that was the mascot of my high school. But not in the same sense. lol Other than that, May was quiet.

June: Where do I begin?!?!?!?! Oh yeah, it was only 3 days into the month when I reached the finish line of my writing for Crazy House. I wanted to cry when I typed THE END. It felt so good to be closing that chapter.

While I waited on my beta readers to give their commentary, I went to a bridal shower. I actually put a dress, heels, and colored lip gloss on to leave my house y'all. That doesn't happen very often. lol But I had a good time being boujee for a couple of hours.

Then, two weeks after THE END, my book was released to the masses. Yes, on June 18th, my book was officially published. I must say, the process was brain wrecking. Especially since I was teaching myself how to format and all in the process. But I got it done. Thank God for that foresight to get my skills up in that graphic design program.

Last, but certainly not least, I went to Indie Love in New Orleans, LA. It was a much needed vacation/networking trip. I went with my co-host from the podcast, Elle Moore, and our good sis, Venus Teagan. We acted a plum fool out there. But, like I said, it was much needed. I wasn't able to eat, see, nor buy all the things that I wanted. However, it did not minimize the amount of fun that I had while I was there. I met some of my favorite authors and fellow readers. In fact, someone even purchased my book and subscribed to our podcast. So, I'd say it was all worth it. One day, I hope to be a featured author on the docket. But, until then, on to the event I am gearing up for: One Love Reunion, which is next month. (SN: When we got home from Indie Love, I discovered my author copies of Crazy House had been delivered. Great way to be welcomed back home!)

This basically sums up the second quarter of 2022 for me:

So yeah, as you can see, it's been a busy 3 months. If you haven't already, go on over to my shop and cop your own copy of Crazy House. I have both ebook and paperback available, along with a couple of t-shirts for merch. Also, check out the podcast, Spoiler Alert, if you're not already subscribed. We're getting ready to wind the season down, so it's not too late to get in on the hilarity.

Until next time,

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