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New Year, New Site

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

2021 is here! Happy New Year!!!!!

As you can see, some changes have transpired since my last time writing. The blog is now on a new platform. I'm hoping the transition is more beneficial for both you and I. The only site had irritating bugs when it came to people being able to subscribe, comment, and like. So, hopefully, this change suits your fancy. And if you're new to the blog, WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME! Sit down, kick off your shoes, and let's get unfiltered.

Since we're talking about new things and changes, lets get into that yearly discussed topic of goal setting and resolutions. How many of you set goals every year? For those who do, how often to you actually complete them all? Half of them? A quarter? If you're like me, you're ecstatic to accomplish even one of the things you put on that list. And that's how 2020 rounded off for me, actually.

Me and my best friends have been setting goals each year for quite some time now. As a matter of fact, we gathered at my house just last night to do our yearly meeting of goal setting, did some vision boards, and brought in the new year laughing and talking. Music blasting, cups filled, and plates of delicious food was included in the meetup. (A little bit of a zoom-filtered Watch Night Service was had too)

This year, my list of future accomplishments only tally to 6 goals at the moment. I say, at the moment, because there's a chance something else may be added as time marches on. Some things didn't make the cut because I wanted to have realistic goals in favor of just putting anything. For instance, one of my 3 goals last year was to read 12 books in a year. As an avid reader, some people may think that's a waste of a goal. However, in the past few years, my reading had nosedived. So, I had to get myself together and get back on trend. Using, I set a goal and tracked my progress through the website or app. I've been setting reading goals through them since 2018. The first year, I read 1 out of the 6 books I set to read for the year. And I set 6 as the goal only because I was in school and working both full time. I know for a fact I can read more books than that. So, that was a kiddie goal. In 2019, I set the same goal of 6 for the same reason. But I was graduating that year so once school was done, I didn't have any excuses anymore. I read 9 books that year. So, last year, I set my goal to 12. One book a month. That gave me plenty of time to get them done. Well, guess what! I read 19 books last year. Since I have proved that I can accomplish that goal and exceed it, I didn't even put that as one of my 6 goals this year. (I did still start the challenge on Goodreads though)

Anyway... The goals I set this year are pretty simple and realistic. I talked about goals back in September in the Count On Me post. In it, I discussed SMART goals: Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Relevant-Time Based goals and that is what I am referring to when I use the word realistic. Going by that rubric is what caused my list to be as short as it is right now. And, because I never know what may happen throughout the year, we do a check-in ever-so-often to see where we are with the goals and if new/additional goals should be set. One of my girls even bought me a workbook for Christmas all about goal-setting that I'm going to have fun completing. It will probably make me irritated, emotional, and drive me crazy as well. But that's all because I've learned that not all of my plans are going to go the way I want them to. I'll go through all the frustration and then remind myself of that fact. After awhile, I calm down and deal with it.

If you are one of those people who want to work on setting goals and need help trying to figure out where to start, check out You Goal, Girl: A Goal-Setting Workbook and follow along with me this year. As a matter of fact, that may be one of the things I need to add on to the list of goals for the year: utilize the goals book consistently for the year. See, I told you other things may be added... And the year just getting started. lol Now on to this 2021 Goals list.

2021 Goals

  1. Exercise at least 3 days a week.

  2. Start a black-owned bank account. (Currently leaning toward One United unless someone can point me in the direction of a better one)

  3. Pay off my doctor bills by Christmas.

  4. Build my savings account without touching it (That includes overdraft protection)

  5. Improve my design and photography skills.

  6. Maintain consistency with No Filter

***Consistency with You Goal, Girl.

So, now that I've given you the chance to hold me accountable with my goals, care to share what some of your goals are for the year? Now that I have a site that will actually let you comment and it stick, I'd love to hear from you. Also, check out the posts from the old blog site. You won't be able to comment on there, but I'm not opposed to hearing from you through email at all.

Until next time,

*All links that go directly to Amazon are commissioned earned if purchased.

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