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Black Romance Stories

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Hey y'all! I'm back with another push for the readers of the world. If you've been following along for the past five months, I think it's safe to say you all can tell what kind of books I love to read, right? If it isn't painfully obvious, it's #BlackLove all day, everyday. And it's not that I don't read anything else... Or attempt to. Because I actually do. I actually have a series on my Kindle app that's not necessarily about love. And it's not written by, nor is it about African-Americans either. I also have several self-help and Christian books on my physical bookshelf at home. But... it is something about black-on-black love that makes my heart swell.

I've never been in love. However, the books, e-books, and author web blogs I read mirror the same things I write. And if I'm being honest, the love I want. (Not exactly in the same way the characters get to their love, but the overall ending) Plus, it's something about being able to relate because they look like you.

The people in my immediate circle probably get tired of my ranting about one... or multiple of the books I've read by the next time we link up. My mother even commented that I sometimes get too into the books. lol I can't help it though. These ain't the cookie-cutter, cutesy books I used to read in elementary and middle school. They are realistic fiction and are about topics I can resonate or want to resonate with. They are bonafide topic starters... Well, in my opinion. That's probably why I've started joining the authors' social media groups and pages so I can discuss with like-minded individuals.

One of the people in my circle that I talk to about my most recent book adventures is someone who is, not necessarily a cynic, but will think in cynical ways toward my beloved love stories. They know love, has love... As a matter of fact, they're in a relationship now and does all the lovey-dovey ish that comes up in my books. But when it comes to reading, they like the villainous, craziness of a horror or action story. And every time I tell them about my new book of the moment, they have to douse it with otherworldly ish that makes no sense or would destroy the love in the book. Humans, I tell ya. SMH

Anywho! If you love black love stories, stick with me and follow my social media accounts because I tend to share content from my favorites all the time. If it's not a new release, it's a discount or free content they are sharing with the masses. And my people drop new shit like they change panties. So, yeah. Stay tuned in.

Here are just a "few" of the people I've grown to love as a reader and writer.

So, if or when you're in need of a new book to read, look up one of the ladies I just listed. There are series where you can get to know a whole family/friends. There are standalones. You have the short and steamy erotic picks too. There's even paranormal or sports themed books to read. It just depends on your flavor of love... With no big clocks of course, okay. lol

Anyway, I'm gonna sign off so you can go look for your next read to enjoy.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 18, 2021

Thanks for the list. I'm so Brenda Jackson for my #Blacklove books. But, I do read other author's book.

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