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Mother, May I?!?

Hey y'all! How's it going? It's May, so you know that means, don'tcha? It's time to celebrate mama! I know I'm like 2 weeks behind on this blog post but I hadn't forgotten about it or y'all. A girl has been stretched thin and in need of an energy boost... Or take my ass back to my Rheumatologist to re-up on this prescription so I can go back to my new normal. But that's a different story for another day. Either way, I had a whole post I had been working on about something completely different and then life happened. I'm still working 6 days a week. Then, tack on this, that for 2 weeks, I was training a new hire at the job I normally do all my writing during. So, there goes the free time, right? I mean, I'm not complaining about the training part, because it looks GREAT on my resume and he wasn't a bother. We even had great conversation during the training. However, I was happy when he was done with training and I was alone in my thoughts again. But anyway, that ain't what we here for today. The blog I originally started for May's post will have to wait now though.

Depending on when you're reading this, you know that Mother's Day was this past Sunday here in the U.S. (Because it's a completely different day and month in some other countries). And I figured, since I started my blog last year with a Father's Day post, why not share my thoughts on this day that was curated to celebrate the person(s) that literally birthed mankind. If you've been keeping up with me since I started blogging on my other site, you already know I'm a family-oriented, self-proclaimed mama's girl, through and through. So, this makes sense, right?

Throughout the whole Mother's Day weekend, I'd seen the social media posts celebrating and/or discussing the holiday and I can truly say that the sentiments are not the same for everyone. And because I know mothers of a varying spectrum, my heartstrings were being plucked at some of the posts I'd see.

I originally was just going to put the generic "Happy Mother's Day" post on my Facebook and Instagram pages (And did) and keep it pushing. But, I took a step back and decided that honoring the women who raised me is important. I say WOMEN because, although I was raised by my mother, I was groomed by more than just her. So, I shared a collage I'd done in the past of my mother, my aunts (The ones I grew up around, since... Yeah... Never mind lol), and my two grandmothers on my personal pages. I came from a great example of what it is to be a woman and mother and I needed to acknowledge that. Even though, mama was the only one to get a gift, these women know I love them. But the relationship I have with my mother is something NO ONE can compete with. I've talked about our dynamic as mother/daughter and friends before, so #IYKYK.

I also posted a Mother's Day shout out to myself. Which, I really hesitated on doing before sharing. As a matter of fact, I didn't consider it as something I was privileged to be celebrated for until my mother started gift-giving to me for it. And I actually received gifts from more than just my mother this year.

No, I've never given birth or raised someone else's child(ren). But, if the last 5.5 years hasn't taught me anything at all, the last 4 months truly taught me that taking care of a dog is so much like taking care of a child these days. The cuddle sessions. The reprimanding. The doctor visits. The food. THE ER BILLS!!!!! OMG! So, yeah, I'll take the "Happy Furmommy's Day" more seriously now. lol

Speaking of being serious...

I would be remiss to not acknowledge the multiple ways in which these types of holidays... or any holiday for some people, are not one-dimensional and can sometimes be difficult to celebrate. The gift-giving, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and trips to commemorate our mothers aside, we cannot forget those who either have a strained or non-existent relationship from their mother or child(ren). Or the women who are considered a mother in "unconventional" manners. We must not forget those who've lost their mothers. Or the mothers who've lost their children, young or old. And a special hug and loving Mother's Day to those women who've carried babies that they've never been able to meet or see past infancy. Even if no one else acknowledges you as a mother, I do, because YOU ARE A MOTHER.

Whether you were still able to celebrate Mother's Day with your mother and/or your children, you decided to post a loving, heartfelt post about a love you no longer have with you physically, or mourned the embrace you were not able to ever grasp in person, I still want to celebrate every woman who's deserving of this title. Because Lord knows, bringing a life into this world or taking care of another being PROPERLY is a selfless and hardworking task to take on. And MAMA, YOU DESERVE!

Love always,

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 14, 2021

Love this post. And, you did all mothers great by acknowledging them. Thank you

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