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Updated: Apr 29, 2021

January is officially DONE and I am so glad about it. It was not a good month for me. But that’s not what you came here for, right?

Alright! So, you know how, every year, around December, we start to plan goals for the new year? Like what I talked about in the last post, New Year, New Site? Well, I know I said I wasn't worried about making a goal for reading more books this year because that has been proven to be an easy deal for me. I mean, we know I did it anyway. I set a goal for 25 books to read by December 31, 2021. And guess what! I've read 5 before month 1 is even out. 20% of the goal is done before even 10% of the year is out.

So, can you guess what today's topic is based on what's already been said? If you guessed reading books, YOU GOT IT!

Now, I'm pretty sure I've said it a million times between my blogs, Facebook, and Instagram, but due to his recent passing, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge my FAVORITE author forever.

Sleep well my beloved fav, Eric Jerome Dickey!!!

I'm currently in a long term goal of reading all 29 of his novels, 2 e-books and the, at least 5, anthologies he completed before his shocking passing. With this goal, I am keeping an account of all of the characters throughout each storyline to make a character map, since he is known for resurfacing characters throughout his later works. I'm determined to get through all of them before the end of this year. (Hey! Another S.M.A.R.T. goal. lol) I started from the beginning last year and I've already read 6 novels and 2 anthologies. I'm currently reading a third anthology now. Those usually take me longer to read since there are other authors who may or may not be as easy to read or are as interesting. Either way, the first novel by him is Sister, Sister. But my ultimate favorite is his second book, Friends and Lovers. I’m not sure why I love this book so much because sis that’s a main character aggravates the snot out of me with her immaturity. But, for some reason I love Shelby and Tyrel as a couple.

Becoming neck and neck with my number one book is a series EJD put out years later that consists of 3 books: Pleasure, The Education of Nia Simone Bijou, and Decadence. I have read the first book in the series no less than 3 times, for sure. When I tell you steamy! I think I love that book so much because of my infatuation with twins. One of my best friends has joked that she wouldn’t be surprised if I had twins when I have kids. Interestingly enough, we don’t have any on either side of my family.

Now, with ending my root for EJD… for now, I have to talk about the Gideon series. Okay, so, I haven’t actually read the series yet, but I have flipped through them multiple times and gotten the gist of what is in each plot line. I originally was not interested in reading this series because I’m not a killer/murder novel reader. But in EJD fashion, he was able to turn a killer for hire into a sexy ass ho. I don’t know what Gideon did more of throughout the 5 books, brutally kill people or sex the socks off multiple women… Sometimes, one literally right after the other.

But if you are going to read this series, you have to start with Thieves’ Paradise, which is not actually part of the series. Major players in the series are introduced in that book, which is why that is suggested. Once you read “the prequel”, you are free to commence in the dirty work. The books are as follows:

Now, special mention goes to A Wanted Woman, which is not in the series. However, this one needs to be read (preferable before Finding Gideon) too. Although, it is not as sexy as the Gideon series, it is with the same theme, but with a female assassin as the main character. I am hoping and praying that EJD had one last book in his arsenal that just needed to be edited and it was a final chapter to combine this book with the Gideon series. That is what it looked like was being done with the ending of Finding Gideon anyway because, OF COURSE, characters from AWW are brought up in FG. So, FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED.

I’m really going to miss getting new releases every year from him. And I’m especially going to miss him responding or reposting whenever I post something about him on social media. Yes, I kid you not. Can't lie. I fan-girled every time he did. I guess I’ll just have to read the last release coming out in April really slowly; Acknowledgments included, because he was as stone cold fool... He was a comedian for a small amount of time.

In happier conversation... As mentioned earlier, I’ve completed 5 books so far this year by 2 different authors and one of them is actually 2 seconds from pushing one of my other two favorite authors out of the top 3. (Currently, those other 2 are Omar Tyree and Zane) Danielle Allen is someone I discovered awhile back and I’ve read 7 of her books within the last year. Her first title is Back to Life and is in a 3-part series. I just completed another 3-part series by her yesterday which will have you hot and bothered. But my favorite from her so far is Truth or Dare, which I read last year. It’s something about a man that exudes BDE and can actually back it up. 🥵 I have recommended that book to at least 4 or 5 people since I've read it.

The other author who I’ve recently discovered is Christina C. Jones. She popped up as a suggestion on my amazon recommendations from all the plundering I do with books on the site. I’ve been trying to expand my list of authors to read so I checked out a couple of her samples on the Kindle app. Much like Danielle Allen, the samples put their hooks in me and now I’m ready to read them all. CCJ is also one who recurs characters throughout her novels. So, I’m doing a character map for her books as well. She spits out books like watermelon seeds. Hell, she just released a new project the other day. So, I’m probably not going to be done this year with hers. Buuuuuuuut, I am going to get through all of them. Her first title is Love And Other Things. I’ve read 2 novels and an abundance of samples from her so I think this search for new (new to me) authors is coming along well.

The 5 books that I’ve read so far was by the last two mentioned authors: Christina C. Jones and Danielle Allen. They were quick reads for me, but they kept my attention so much so that I didn’t want to stop reading until I was finished.

January’s Book List

The book I am currently reading, aside from my goals workbook that I mentioned in the last post, is Griots Beneath the Baobab: Tales from Los Angeles. Yes, EJD is in this anthology and was the sole reason I bought it. However, since his story was the first one in the project, let’s see how long it takes me to finish. The last anthology he was in took me 7 months to complete.

To conclude my literary post, I want to highlight 2 new/new-ish books by people that I actually know. First up is Expose your Inner DIVA: A Workbook on Understanding your Sexual Self by Poet Rae Monet. Rae Monet is one of the people I give credit to for giving me the confidence to put my own book out 5 years ago. This new workbook was released in December and she has several other projects that are available for purchase as well. Not only is she a poet/writer, she also does multiple events for your informational and entertainment needs.

Also being highlighted is The Gift or The Curse?: Living with Postpartum Depression by Morgan Dickens. Her recently released book is discussing something that I have not had to encounter in my life. However, I commend her strength to confer something major that has affected her life in hopes of helping someone currently battling or has dealt with the same or similar situation. Morgan is also the business owner of a boutique: Vanity Rose Boutique. I bought my birthday dress from her last year (even though I couldn’t go anywhere thanks to the pandemic) and her pieces will definitely have you feeling sexy, just like I did. 😜

Since we are in the month of love (Valentine’s Day is 13 days away), it doesn’t matter whether you are single, married, or in between… just remember to love on yourself. Many of the shout outs I’ve posted today are spicy enough to appreciate as well during this time period. So, purchase something steamy and settle in with a good read. Trust me, you will definitely enjoy. 😉

Until next time,

*All links that go directly to Amazon are commissioned earned if purchased.

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